Monsta X Debuts with ‘Trespass’

Monsta X, a seven member boy group under Starship Entertainment, has finally debuted with the song “Trespass.”

The music video follows the trend of street style clothing and big-city-flower-boy-delinquents concept, but the boys show impressive dance skills and controlled vocals. Although they are clearly taking on a vastly different concept from labelmates Boyfriend, Monsta X appeals to the recent trend of hip-hop inspired, rap heavy music, and is likely to do well under a booming Starship.

The members of Monsta X were chosen via a trainee reality program called NO.MERCY, and are releasing a seven song album as part of their debut.

Check out their first music video below and keep an eye out for great things from both Monsta X and moonROK!


Source: Starship TV

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