MOBB Release ‘Hit Me’ and ‘Full House’ Music Video

MOBB, the Song Mino and Bobby collaboration group, have released two music video for their newest tracks, “Full House” and “Hit Me.”

In addition to each member’s recent solo tracks, Mino’s “Body” and Bobby’s “Holup,” the two YG artists also released two collaboration songs and music videos. Both tracks are party songs, and Mino and Bobby have enough charisma to sing, act, and rap in various ways for both songs. The two are originally from Winner and iKON, and their unit name, MOBB, is a mix of their two stage names.

Check out the double music videos below, and stay tuned to moonROK for all the latest releases!



“Hit Me”:


“Full House”:


Source: YG Entertainment

Audio and visual media courtesy of YG Entertainment
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