miss A’s Suzy Says She Wants Wrinkles in W Korea Interview

miss A member Suzy is on the cover of this month’s W Korea magazine, and in the accompanying interview, she made quite a surprising statement.

When the interviewer asked her what kind of woman she wants to become, Suzy stated, “A woman with cool wrinkles and who can comfortably converse with others. As you age I don’t think that you have to be responsible for your face. It seems to me like wrinkles make the face.”

This was a surprising statement to most considering how concerned Korean society often is with skin products and preventing wrinkles.

In the pictorial for the magazine, Suzy is wearing brightly colored makeup, a styling choice that she commented on saying, “This is my first time wearing this kind of colorful makeup. The face of Suzy that the public likes is good, but even if it’s just for a second this new attempt [at makeup] is like a short and sweet holiday.”

Check out some of the pictures from the magazine above, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of W Korea Magazine
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  1. InaNatalia 7 years ago
    awesome,, agree with U #suzy ,, be natural n pure ,, luv n support for U always

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