miss A’s Jia to Make Big Screen Debut With ‘Third Love’ Alongside Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei

Girl group miss A‘s Chinese member Jia will debut in China as a film actress.

According to Chinese entertainment media, Jia will join Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei to act in the film Third Love (directed by John H. Lee). She is staying in Shanghai at the moment. 

A JYP Entertainment affiliate told TV Report that “Jia was offered a role in Third Love and is looking it over favorably.”

In fact, Jia has acted in Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer” and officially debuted as an actress with potential. Since Jia had the role of a spritely college student in “One and a Half Summer,” fans are wondering what kind of performance she will show them in the sentimental film, Third Love

Especially because Jia will be shoulder to shoulder with Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei, the top stars of Korea and China respectively, it is anticipated that she will show off her charisma as an actress in China through Third Love

Third Love, which is a collaborated project between Korea and China, is directed by Korea’s John H. Lee. The film is based on the Chinese best-selling novel The Third Kind of Love, and will be filmed in China and other places. The film is scheduled to release late next year.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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