Minha and EuAeRin Leave 9MUSES

9MUSES is down to their last original member.

Star Empire Entertainment announced today that Minha and EuAeRin have officially left the group.

Today Star Empire uploaded an official statement announcing that the two (both of whom were original members of the group) have decided that upon the expiration of their contract, will be “graduating” from the group.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is Star Empire Entertainment.

We would like to put forth an official statement regarding the letters published by EuAeRin and Minha today.

It has been decided that upon the expiration of their contracts, 9MUSES members EuAeRin and Minha will officially graduate from 9MUSES.

This decision was not an easy one for those involved or for the 9MUSES members, and we completely understand and respect the decision of EuAeRin and Minha, who gave their all without rest under the name of 9MUSES.

Moving forward, we support EuAeRin and Minha, who have decided to graduate and start on a new path.

9MUSES is aiming for an official unit comeback this summer, and we plan to release the specifics very soon.

For all of you who have supported and loved 9MUSES, we and the members will do our best and come to you with good music and good stages.

Thank you.


As the statement mentions, both EuAeRin and Minha published handwritten letters to their fans announcing their departure from the group. Below is the image of those letters, and their direct translation.

EuAeRin’s Letter

Hello, this is 9MUSES EuAeRin.

It seems like I’ve written and erased this words over and over…

No matter what I write, I don’t think it will truly express how I feel in my heart.

I’m writing this as our schedules on the day of May 26, 2016 end.

To 9MUSES and the fans who we have moved with for 7 years… Because there were so many happy moments as 9MUSES, I am sorry and more than anything I am scared to tell the members that I think I have to drop out of the group.

However because I know 9MUSES’s growth and the infinite potential of my dongsaengs, I want to take a step back and support 9MUSES.

Because I always received so much love from fans I became a person named EuAeRin, and because you gave me all of you, I think I worked even harder to satisfy your expectations.

I want to be together forever, but if we think of it as a natural passage of time, I’d like to believe that we spent time laughing an eating together, as an unnie, as a noona, and as a dongsaeng. “Mine” who I want to call family, rather than fans.

And to the members who I love. Thank you, I was happy because we were together.

I will grow into Lee Hyemin, and try my best to become a great person.


Minha’s Letter

Hello, this is Minha.

In my time I’ve written dozens of letters, but today the pen feels unusually heavy.

As my 6-year contract with Star Empire comes to an end, and after many conversations and worries, I have decided to walk a new path.

Because I studied and learned so much, I will greet you from a more public, new perspective.

During all that time, there were happy times and there were hard and exhausting times, and I was able to get through all of them because my members who grew with me were there to give me new strength.

Furthermore, because of all of you I became a person who received a lot of love, and could give a lot of love, and because of that, I am very happy.

I will always cherish and remember the memories we made together for 6 years.

Thank you for making me always want to be a better person.

Moving forward, I will do my best to show an even better side of myself while thinking of you.

I wish that everyone who I love would be happy.

So “Mine,” I wish you happiness. Thank you, thank you, I love you, “Mine.”


EuAeRin and Minha’s departure means that the last remaining original member of the group is Hyemi, who debuted with 9MUSES in 2010.

Best of luck tto EuAeRin and Minha moving forward, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for updates on that 9MUSES unit comeback that Star Empire mentioned in their statement.


Source: MyDaily

Images courtesy of MyDaily
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