Minah of Girl’s Day to Make Solo Debut with Dance Single on March 16

It has just been announced that Girl’s Day member Minah will be making her solo debut on March 16.

On March 9, Minah’s representatives revealed, “Girl’s Day’s Minah is releasing her first solo mini album on March 16,” continuing, “It has been decided that Minah’s solo debut title song will be a dance song.”

The representative continued, “Minah is the first out of the group to release a solo album. After painstakingly considering ballad and dance tracks, it was ultimately decided that the title track would be a dance song, and [Minah] is currently in the midst of preparing the choreography.”

Again, Minah’s album will be released on March 16, so stick around moonROK as more details are released.


Source: 10 Asia

Image courtesy of DreamT Entertainment
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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    Yes! A dance track!

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