Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu To Release Solo Album

Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu to release solo work directly after being released from his military duty.

On the 21st, Mighty Mouth’s agency, Almighty Records, announced that Sangchu would be releasing a solo album on the 26th. It’s been more than three years since Mighty Mouth has had a comeback as a full group.

About the timing of his solo album, Sangchu said, “While doing Mighty Mouth, there has been a lot that I haven’t been able to show musically, and I really wanted to be able to show the music I like the best. Shorry J is currently busy filming his drama, so if I don’t take this chance to do my solo album now, I thought I may never have the chance.”

Ahead of the release of his album, Sangchu gave a preview of his solo song on the Chinese television program “The Players.” The song was used as background music in the show and stirred up excitement for the full release of the song.


Source: Asia Economics

All visual media courtesy of Almighty Records
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