Melon Celebrates 10th Year: Evolution of Harmony Between Singers and Management Companies

Korea’s biggest music website Melon celebrated its 10th year anniversary by showcasing the evolution of its revolutionary platform.

“My music and life are connected”

Loen Entertainment, which operates Melon, revealed on June 24th that it is carrying out a paradigm shift that opens up and shares with outside sources its core assets, including data for the last decade’s customer consumption records, in order to promote harmony and advancement in the music industry.

Hereupon Melon has decided to convert the data for the last decade’s consumption records, utilization behavior of customers, and more into meaningful information through big data analysis, and will then share that data with agencies and artists.

Loen Entertainment stated: “The project was planned to advocate harmony and advancement in Korea’s music industry; we hope the pleasure in music consumption will be heightened as a result of enlivened communication between the consumer and the artist.”

“Smarter realtime charts: charts that update instantaneously every five minutes, only on Melon”

Melon developed a “fan consumption index” to effectively fulfill the agencies’ and artists’ biggest needs: raising awareness and expanding the fan base. The company will analyze each individual customer’s preferences in artists and genres, select promising potential consumers, and provide the information to agencies and artists.

On the 16th, in order to make available various marketing activities employing such data, Melon also opened its Partner Center, which is a cost-effective system that allows agencies and artists to create content themselves to deliver to fans. To maximize effectiveness in the delivery of the created content in Melon’s main areas, Melon has enhanced the sophistication of Melon PC Web UI (User Interface) and PC player UA (User Area). Hereafter, Melon plans to provide a commercial function for expanding the agencies’ and artists’ new business models.

Through a variety of new functions such as “News Inbox,” “Become a Fan,” and “AZTalk,” users receive an evolved, differentiated curation service that reflects their latent artist preferences. Unlike in the past, when they would simply listen to music, users are provided a more energetic interaction with artists, allowing for a richer and deeper enjoyment of music.

“AZTalk: Where you can talk about all of the music and all of the artists that you listen to”

Shin Wonsu, Loen Entertainment representative, said: “Melon has long contemplated ways for the artist, user, and market to advance together, and consequently decided to share Melon’s strongest assets with the outside world.  Such unprecedented attempt is a revolutionary model for harmonious coexistence and development; we expect this evolution in platform to be the basis for greater competitiveness and commercial invigoration of K-Pop. Loen Entertainment, as an entertainment company and market leader, will continue to make the effort to prioritize agencies’ harmonious coexistence and advancement.”


Thank you to our partners at eDaily for the insightful piece on the Korean music industry’s evolving user platforms and services! Stay tuned to moonROK for more updates directly from Korea like this one!

Images courtesy of Melon Music
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