MAMAMOO’s Solar to Collaborate with Hwang Chiyeul


VIsual media courtesy of OSEN

MAMAMOO member Solar and singer Hwang Chiyeul will be collaborating on a song together at the end of this month.

According to an industry insider on the 25th, the two vocalists have already finished recording their song and will be releasing it at the end of November. With only a few days left int he month, excitement is rising as fans wait for the official release.

This is Hwang Chiyeul’s second collaboration with a girl group member, as he also recorded a song with Eunha of GFRIEND and Lil’ Boi of Geeks last month. More recently, he recorded an OST song for the drama “Love in the Moonlight.” Solar herself has been busy with MAMAMOO’s recent comeback with the song Délcalcomanie.Stay tuned to moonROK for more news on this exciting collaboration!Source: OSEN

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