MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul to Star Alongside SS501’s Kim Kyujong in New Web Drama

It has just been announced that MAMAMOO member Moonbyul will be be playing the lead role in a new web drama, “Love Start“.

The drama will be a romantic comedy about a girl and boy falling in love in their twenties.

Moonbyul will be playing the part of Nayoung, who falls in love at first sight with Heemin, who will be played by SS501 member Kim Kyujong.

A representative from Moonbyul’s company stated, “Moonbyul will take on her first acting challenge through this web drama. As a newbie, in order to prevent any damage to the team or to the drama she worked hard than anyone while filming. We hope that you’ll anticipate and support her new challenge.”

The drama is scheduled to begin airing at the end of this month, so stick around moonROK for more updates on Moonbyul’s acting debut!


Source: Sports Seoul

Image courtesy of Sports Seoul
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