M.I.B Announces Disbandment

M.I.B | moonROK
Visual media courtesy of Jungle Entertainment


Four member boy group M.I.B has just announced that they disbanded last year without informing the public.

And the 4th, a representative confirmed that after their contracts expired, the members decided to go their separate ways. Member Cream’s contract expired in March of last year, and members 5Zic and Sims’ contracts expired in October. Member Kangnam’s contract will expire this spring, and he has not yet confirmed whether he will re-sign with his company. 5Zic, Cream, and Sims are all currently searching for new labels to represent them.

Although their entertainment agency, Jungle Entertainment, had made an official statement saying M.I.B would be making a comeback in 2016, it seems that after five years since their debut, the members agreed it was too difficult to reconcile their musical differences and agreed to disband. Kangnam plans to continue to focus on his solo music work and television appearances until the end of his contract.

We here at moonROK wish the best of luck to all the members of M.I.B as they move on to the next chapter of their careers!


Source: XSports News

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