LOONA’s June Girl JinSoul Releases MV for “Singing in the Rain”


All visual and audio media courtesy of LOONA


LOONA’s June Girl, JinSoul, has finally unveiled the music video for her title track “Singing in the Rain.”

Following Kim Lip’s steps, JinSoul brings another edgy and entrancing style to LOONA with her future bass and EDM track, “Singing in the Rain.” The music video showcases JinSoul’s rich vocals, clean dance moves, and clear rap as she transitions between raining sets, puddles and swims underwater.

JinSoul’s self-titled single album also includes a duet with fellow member, Kim Lip, and is titled “Love Letter,” which is described as a groovy ballad in contrast to the styles they’ve shown thus far.

Blockberry Creative has also revealed more details on LOONA’s background and concept via their Facebook, uploading the following post in English:

“LOOΠΔ is a k-pop group building its own unique universe.


The story of LOOΠΔ started with its first girl, HeeJin. Then HyunJin, a close friend and a schoolmate of HeeJin, joined LOOΠΔ.


HaSeul, who always seems to cause rain wherever she goes, and the youngest member YeoJin, who hops around everywhere like a noisy frog joined along.


An android from Hong Kong, ViVi was introduced to complete LOOΠΔ’s first milestone, LOOΠΔ 1/3. As they pass through the endless forest created with ‘Love&Live’ and ‘Love&Evil’, LOOΠΔ’s universe kept on expanding.


Each girl meets another girl like building ‘blocks’ stacking, and the encounters of each girl creates new synergies to bear ‘berries’.


The structure built by these young innocent girls eclipsed with Kim Lip’s appearance to show a different side of what they had built.


Now, the introduction of a new girl draws a even bigger circle now.


JinSoul is the girl of this month.


JinSoul had caught the eyes of the fans first with ViVi’s help during their encounter in Hong Kong. She finally joins LOOΠΔ with her new single, ‘Singing in the Rain’.


Dressed in a blue school uniform, she brings a future bass track, ‘Singing in the Rain’ to show her colors to the fullest. The track fires up speakers with its accelerating tempo like a pulsating heart in excitement.


The title of the supporting track ‘Love Letter’ performed by JinSoul and Kim Lip sounds like a ballad number, but it actually is a track full of groove, created from the clash of the two girls with their unique and distinct styles.


Now with its progress just over half way, the universe of LOOΠΔ strengthens more and more to show its real potential. Kim Lip, JinSoul, and the next girl to come will form a new unit to add colors very different from what LOOΠΔ 1/3 has brought.


As it was mentioned in LOOΠΔ TV, about 50 trainees are training hard under the name of ‘LOOΠΔTIOΠ’ as candidates for the last four slots in the third unit of LOOΠΔ, which will expand the universe with its whole new spectrum once again.”

Check out LOONA’s JinSoul in her mesmerizing music video for “Singing in the Rain” above and stick around moonROK for further updates on LOONA’s universe and more on all your favorite Kpop idols.



Source: LOONA Official

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  1. PeaceofMind05 2 years ago

    This song is pretty good and definitely stands out from all their previous releases. The music video is so pleasing to look at similarly to Kim Lip’s. Kim Lip is more sultry/smooth and Jinsoul is more cool/dynamic (the colors in their videos match this too). I’m looking forward to the next one and Loona 2/3.

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