Lizzy Shares Her Feelings Joo Yeon Graduating from After School

Following the news of Joo Yeon leaving After School, Lizzy spoke on the matter saying, “I didn’t think this day would come.”

Lizzy talked about Joo Yeon’s graduation from After School at an interview for OSEN. She expressed that her sadness was greater because they were so close.

Lizzy stated, “I liked Joo Yeon and was so close to her that people would call me a “Joo Yeon Flower” instead of a sunflower. Japan was the last time we were together as a group. Joo Yeon and I shared a room. We would spend much time together and play jokes on each other.”

She continued talking about their special relationship, “Joo Yeon may seem like she is cold on the outside but sometimes she’s such a clown to the point where the illusion is broken. She is so great and charming, but it feels like I am the only that knows this, which is very unfortunate.”

Lizzy continued, “I want to be in contact with her and cheering her on wherever she goes. Joo Yeon looked after me a lot. Joo Yeon was one of the original members and it’s very sad. We both talked about how we never thought this day would come. We were so close, and it’s weird now that this day has come.”

Joo Yeon’s exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment came to an end on December 31st and she naturally graduated from the team. She is planning on pursuing acting.

Lizzy will debut on the 23rd and announce her first solo song “I’m Not An Easy Girl.” 


Source: OSEN

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