Lee Minho and Suzy’s Reps Make Initial Statement Regarding Relationship Reports

Just now, it is being reported by various media sites that miss A member Suzy and actor Lee Minho are in a relationship.

Dispatch reported that the two celebrities went on a few dates in March while in Europe after their schedules for magazine shoots matched up, and have been dating for two months now even back in Korea.

Lee Minho’s agency Starhouse stated, “After checking if the relevant reports are true, we will make an official statement.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment has spoken on behalf of Suzy, saying, “This is the first time that the agency has heard anything about the relationship between Suzy and Lee Minho that these reports are talking about. We will look into it and make an official statement.”

According to the Dispatch report, since they have started dating Suzy and Lee Minho meet nearly every day, saying that Lee Minho picks up and drops off Suzy everywhere she goes.

This story is still breaking so be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more updates and official statements from both sides.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of TV Report
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