Ladies’ Code: ‘I’m Fine Thank You’ and the Final Facts Surrounding the Tragedy

On September 2nd, 2014 Ladies’ Code members Kwon RiSe and Go Eunbi (stage names RiSe and EunB) of the group Ladies Code performed their last stage and said goodbye to fans forever.

The two at ripe ages when they could do much more, left the world and left us their legacies. Below are some of the facts that until now had remained unexplored.


Yesterday, footage Kwon RiSe and Go Eunbi’s last stage went public.

The concert that was revealed yesterday, Sunday, September 14th, is that of KBS 1TV’s “Open Concert.” Kwon RiSe and Go Eunbi, along with members of Ladies’ Code — Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny — stood on their last stage together there. The performance was filmed on September 2nd at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, and was broadcast yesterday. On stage, Ladies’ Code performed the song they made public last month, “Kiss Kiss.” After the performance, Ladies’ Code started making their way to Seoul, and in the early morning hours of September 3rd, got into a car accident, after which Kwon RiSe and Go Eunbi passed away. “Open Concert” sent out the subtitle: “This is real footage of the two dear members who passed away, with this stage as their last, after an unfortunate accident on the morning of September 3rd.” The program also sent out photos of the two to send their condolences, saying “We hope that Go Eunbi and Kwon RiSe, cheerful girls full of dreams, who said they want to represent how women feel, will rest in peace; we hope that their music will be remembered.” 


The producing staff thought long and hard about whether to send out footage of Ladies’ Code.

The staff of “Open Concert” had internal discussions about whether or not to broadcast Ladies’ Code’s performance. During this process, they decided to honor the wishes of the deceaseds’ families and agency that the images of the two working hard on stage will be shown on television. Clearly, the shock and pain from the accident were great. The footage made many viewers’ hearts ache as they saw Kwon RiSe and Go Eunbi, along with other Ladies Code members, perform to their best. 


Kwon RiSe struggled for a while until her debut with Ladies’ Code, which pains us more.

Kwon RiSe is an award winner from the 2009 Miss Korea competition. She is a third-generation Korean resident in Japan. Two years after the competition, in 2011, she appeared in MBC’s “Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star,” where she gained attention for her lovely face and fostered dreams of debuting as a singer. As she became popular, there were many agencies that tried to recruit her. She signed a contract with one agency and worked hard to realize her dreams. Yet, the dreams did not materialize easily. After two years, she switched to another agency, which debuted her as a member of Ladies’ Code. In an interview, she has said “I considered it my shortcoming. If I had debuted right away, I would not have succeeded. It’s actually better than I debuted after sufficient training.”

Go Eunbi was in a personal slump before her official debut.

Go Eunbi graduated from an arts-entertainment high school. She was a trainee with AOA members during that time. However, the results were lackluster in comparison with practice, and her debut was delayed. Finally, she gave up the trainee life with despair. The slump went on for about a year. About this time, she has said “I think adolescence came later… the thought that I was not meant to be a singer was difficult to handle.” Then, she decided to be strong and begin training again, demonstrating her desperate desire to realize her dreams of being a singer. It is known that Go Eunbi has a bright personality and was a moodmaker among the members, which probably is why her absence is even more painful for the members Zuny, Sojung, and Ashley. 


Kwon RiSe fought for her life for seven days, over the Chuseok holidays, before she breathed her last. Her funeral was already conducted; there will be another one in Japan, where she grew up.

Kwon RiSe received a massive injury to the head and went through a long operation on the day of the accident. However, she did not regain consciousness and put up a difficult fight. At 10:10 a.m. on September 7th, she passed away, and her funeral was held two days later on the 9th. Her family from Japan and fellow members Ashley and Zuny attended and cried aloud. The deceased was cremated in Korea and will be taken to Japan, where there will be one more funeral and she will be put to eternal rest. 


Fans are trying to pay their condolences and wish for the other members’ health by attempting to place Ladies’ Code’s song on the top of the music charts.

That song is called “I’m Fine Thank You,” and is part of Ladies’ Code’s second mini album, which came out in September last year. After Go Eunbi passed away, for three days, almost all online music charts in Korea had that song at the number one position — this was Go Eunbi’s wish when she was alive, which makes the fact even more heart-wrenching. It is said that the fans who are saddened by Go Eunbi’s death wanted to grant her wish and repeatedly used the pre-listen service for “I’m Fine Thank You.” Here, fans of other singers participated to put the song on the top of music charts. For Ladies’ Code, this was a message from fans, as the lyrics sing of being okay even after a hurtful separation. 


Has the cause for the accident been clearly identified?

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. The accident took place in the early hours of September 3rd, two members passed away, and the Chuseok holidays came, so it seems like there needs to be more time for police investigation results to come out. The police are investigating the vehicle’s driver, and have sent the vehicle to the National Forensic Service requesting detailed report. It was revealed that the vehicle was not Ladies’ Codes’ private car, but one rented from a rental company on the day of the accident. It was also revealed that on the way to Daegu for “Open Concert,” the group’s car had engine problems that made it impossible to drive, so they had to rent the vehicle. After this accident, the music industry has become more alert about safe driving and the dangers of speeding admist busy schedules.


Thank you to our partners at Y-Star for providing us with this touching exclusive — be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more exclusives like these.

All visual and audio media courtesy of Y-Star
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