Krystal Warns Fans of Impostor on Social Media: ‘Only Amber and Victoria Have Accounts’

Krystal, member of girl group f(x), has an impersonator on Instagram.

On the morning of September 17th, an associate of SM Entertainment told Star News that “Krystal does not use any social media, including Instagram.”

It was revealed that some accounts on Instagram that were thought of as Krystal’s were maintained by fans. An account with the name “fxkrystalsj” has recently uploaded photos and captions pretending to be Krystal.

Even this morning, the account posted a photo and caption that said “Buffet, ice cream, and coffee for lunch! Food truck, churros, and coffee for dinner! And street food as a late night snack! Thank you so, so much for giving me delicious meals and dessert to last me through the day” and “Also, I was so moved by the warm support I received at the press conference. Please continue to support me; I will repay you with great works. Thank you.”

There was been confusion among fans who encounter Instagram accounts that are maintained under Krystal’s name, as these accounts even post photos of Krystal’s official schedules. An SM Entertainment associate said “Among f(x) members, Amber has Instagram, and Victoria has Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.”

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Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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