Kris Fails to Sign with Hangeng’s Chinese Entertainment Company, Instead to Sign with Lee Minho’s

It has just been announced that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) will not be signing with former Super Junior member Hangeng’s agency in China.

Instead, Kris will be signing with the China’s largest entertainment agency, Huayi Brothers, with his contract to be effective immediately.

One Chinese media group reported, “Kris failed to sign with Hangeng’s company, Yue Hua Entertainment.”

When Kris left Korea in May, it was repeatedly reported by multiple media outlets that he would be joining Yue Hua Entertainment.

The same Chinese media group went on to report, “Rather than Yue Hua Entertainment, it seems that Kris will be joining up with Huayi Brothers Entertainment. He is currently taking steps to quickly seal the agreement.”

Huayi Brothers Entertainment is currently also home to, one of Hallyu’s biggest stars, Korean actor Lee Minho when he is promoting in China.

Kris left his SM Entertainment group EXO in May of this year, and has been actively pursuing his acting career in China since.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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  1. hipployta 7 years ago
    Don’t take this the wrong way but this article title makes no sense…they speculated he was signing with Yuehua and now they are speculating about Huayi and calling it failure? Huayi is bigger than Yuahua. Plus he has had a Huayi manager as a consultant for weeks. Also it’s a Korean source…kind of weird.

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