Kris and Luhan’s 2015 New Year’s Gala Performance in China Cancelled

After leaving the group EXO and working independently in China, Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan are in the midst of a legal dispute with SM and have been kicked out of the Chinese holiday program “2015 CCTV New Year’s Gala.”

Around 12:50 a.m., CCTV revealed the 2015 New Year’s Gala’s final cue sheet via their official Weibo site. The published cue sheet displayed 36 performances with two very noticeable cuts from the original 38.

The performances of Kris and Luhan, who were supposed to appear at the “Chi Jung Chun Hwan Jul” (致靑春環節) at the Gala, have disappeared altogether on the cue sheet list. During the “Chi Jung Chun Hwan Jul,” Luhan, Kris, William Chan Wai-ting (30), Ning Zetao (22), and other young stars were planned to each sing on stage. Kris and Luhan had originally been given the prime time of 11:50 p.m. and already had four rehearsals, but ultimately were left off the list.

CCTV has not revealed the specifics of the program cancellation, but local press have speculated that Luhan and Kris’ removal from the program is because of the dispute between the two singers and SM Entertainment.

Kris and Luhan both in May and November, respectively, filed a suit against SM for a confirmation to nullify their exclusive contract, left the group EXO, and have been proceeding with their celebrity careers in China.

On February 5, SM announced, “As the legal agency of the EXO member Luhan, we are officially suing Luhan, who is continuing his illegal entertainment career in China, and the advertisement agency, who hired Luhan as their model, through the Chinese court of law. The lawsuit has been officially accepted by the Shanghai court as of February 4, 2015.” SM has also forewarned a lawsuit against Kris as well.

The exclusive contract dispute between Kris, Luhan, and SM will continue at the Seoul Central District Court on February 27. 

Source: Star News
Image courtesy of Star News
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