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There are a lot of things to love about Kpop, but if there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze, it’s the complex group choreography that Kpop artists practice tirelessly to perfect.

While official music videos are of course fun to watch, dance practice videos are phenomenal in their own right, so without further ado, we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of the most legendary Kpop dance practices of all time. Here they are:


1. SHINee – Lucifer

When you think “dance practice,” you think “Lucifer.” Perhaps one of the most iconic dance practice videos of all time, SHINee is often credited with starting the dance practice trend with this video. Complex choreography? Check. Signature SM studio cloud curtains? Check. 360p? Check. This video is lover-holic-robo-tronic-lover-hol-legendary.


2. SISTAR – Ma Boy

If you didn’t practice body rolls in front of your bedroom mirror to this song, you’re lying. “Ma Boy” is the song that really launched SISTAR’s career to the next level, and thanks to it the tank top/shorts/heels combo became SISTAR’s signature look for all their dance practices. Legendary legs, legendary body rolls, legendary dance practice.


3. Taeyang – Ringa Linga

50 million views don’t lie, this video is amazing. There are at least 20 dancers involved and getting the choreography right all in one take is a phenomenon in and of itself. Ringa-linga-legendary.


4. EXID – Up & Down

This one is a no-brainer. EXID has this choreography and one very enthusiastic fancammer with a high resolution lens to thank for their rise to legend status.


5. Girls’ Generation – Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

Ah, the golden age of Girls’ Generation. The Girls’ Generation members always look so flawless that it’s easy to forget that they actually have to practice, and while this dance practice video may have been taken in the time of terrible video and sound quality, the low resolution doesn’t make it any less legendary.



Everybody’s go-to karaoke track also has easily one of the best dance practice videos of all time for the following reasons: 1) the song is a Kpop’s representative party anthem, 2) GD’s short shorts, and 3) T.O.P somehow manages to make even doing the absolute minimum look swaggy. BANG BANG LEGENDS.


7. KARA – Mamma Mia

Flawlessly executed cadences and a fat disco bass line, need we say more? “Mamma Mia” was unfortunately one of KARA’s last singles together before disbanding, but there is no denying that the group had a legendary career.


8. EXO – History

Two words: those pants.


9. EXO – Growl

Real talk though, EXO’s choreography is legendary. “Growl” is credited with bringing one-take camera work into vogue when it comes to Kpop videos, and there’s no denying that the song is one of the catchiest in recent boy group history. “Growl” launched EXO’s career through the stratosphere, and to this day the practice video for it remains – you guessed it – legendary.


10. AOA – Like A Cat

“No matter where you go, the pretty girls are AOA” might be the sickest intro line in girl group history, and the dance video certainly backs up the statement. Choosing just one AOA video is nearly impossible, but if there’s one representative dance practice for the group, it’s this one. Meow. Legends.


11. BTS – I Need U

We know you were waiting for this one. The SISTAR members aren’t the only ones around here famous for their body rolls. “I Need U” is classic Kpop choreography at its best. The name “Bangtan Boys” is often abbreviated with just the letters B-T-S, but you can also abbreviate their name as L-E-G-E-N-D-S.


12. BLACKPINK – Whistle

“Boombayah” and “Playing With Fire” tend to get all the attention for their high-energy routines, but “Whistle” might be one of the sexiest, most nuanced Kpop choreographies out there. The choreo is as so slick and I don’t know how much BLACKPINK’s stylist is getting paid, but however much it is, he or she deserves a raise because Rosé’s sweatpants alone deserve their own dedicated Instagram account. BLACKPINK has only had four singles so far and three of them have already hit 100 million views on YouTube so they might technically still be rookies, but looking at numbers alone, they’re already legends.


13. Orange Caramel – Catallena

There is nothing particularly complex or groundbreaking about this choreography, but I’ll be damned if those “HA!” noises at the beginning don’t get me every time. Hoi hoi hoiiiiilegends.


14. VIXX – Hyde

“Hyde” may be one of the most well-thought out choreography routines ever. As the name would imply, the song is about having dual personalities, and VIXX takes the lyrics and integrates them into the choreography in a way that’s innovative, entertaining, and – wait for it – legendary.


15. SEVENTEEN – Mansae

Watching SEVENTEEN perform their choreography is like watching a car transform into Optimus Prime. Their routines incredibly intricate, creative, and high-energy, and their songs just make you feel good. Mansae one time for these legends.


16. WJSN – Secret

WJSN is another one of those Transformers groups. There are so many members and moving parts that you could watch this video a hundred times and still find small new details each time. You know you’re a legend when all it takes is one tiny pinky move to start trending.


17. BEAST – Breath

Questionable camera work? Yes. Legendary dance video? Also yes.


18. Apink – Mr. Chu

This one makes the legends list because it’s just plain lovely. The choreography is clean, simple, and just really, really nice to watch.


19. GOT7 – I Like You

Leave it to GOT7 to make a song with a chipmunk lead look sexy. That in and of itself is a legendary feat.


20. TWICE – Jelly Jelly

The “Jelly Jelly” choreography isn’t terribly complicated, but it sure is cute. TWICE has already solidified their legendary status with their hit singles, and I’ll admit I was very tempted to use the dance practice videos for “TT” or “Like OOH-AHH”, but gosh darnit if “Jelly Jelly” isn’t one of the most adorable things on the internet.


21. INFINITE – Be Mine

This video is literally so old that it has “.mp4” in the title, but if anything that just makes it even more legendary. “Be Mine” was released at the height of INFINITE’s popularity, and made them famous for their razor-sharp moves.


22. SECRET – I’m In Love

The one-leg drop at 0:47 in this video deserves an award all its own. Watch this legendary video and you’ll never want to skip leg day at the gym again.


23. GD x Taeyang – Good Boy

If there’s one thing that BIGBANG is good at, it’s taking simple dance moves that everyone can do and making them look really, really cool. That shoulder wipe is just not the same when I do it. GD and Taeyang have undeniable swag that’s easy to see even in a dance practice video. SKA-DA-DOWWW LEGENDS.



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    Not to metion taemins legendary striped shirt that seems to recently have made a comeback…😊

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