Kim Taewoo Releases ‘No Matter What’ Digital Single

Kim Taewoo has released a digital single that evokes a fresh set of emotions from his previous works.

Kim Taewoo stands out as one of the top husky, powerful male vocalists in the Korean music industry. This time around, Kim Taewoo showed us his skills in a sweeter, bossa nova style.

His new digital single, “No Matter What,” is a song about anticipating a happy new year with his family and lover.  He expressed himself and his own color by using the beautiful melody to compose his own lyrics, speaking of how even the longest winter doesn’t have to feel cold or lonely when you’re with your loved ones. His true emotions come through as he tells about his greatest joy.

The jacket art supplements his powerfully emotional style, from the calligraphy to the warm, analog photo. The calligraphy on the album cover was done by Korea’s number one calligraphist, Lee Sanghyun. He also did the calligraphy for posters such as the drama “Moon That Embraces the Sun,” the movies “Taegukgi” and “Tazza,” and other famous advertisements. Photography director Shim Hyungjoon brought out the complementary warm feelings to match this winter song.

In addition, the country’s top session artists Hong Junho, Shin Sukchul, No Deollae, Lee Hoseok, and others helped in the completion of this album. Kim Taewoo has receieved the online support of artists such as g.o.d’s Park Junhyung, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Baek Ji Young, Lee Jung, CN Blue’s Jonghyun, and others in a parade of support SNS messages.

Kim Taewoo’s digital single was released on the 16th, so check out the audio below!

Source: 10asia

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