Kim Sohye Talks Missing the I.O.I Members, Her Acting Future, and More in Interview

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Today I.O.I member Kim Sohye sat down with a reporter for a brief interview on how life’s going following the group’s disbandment.

As the only member of I.O.I who wasn’t a idol trainee (Sohye is preparing to debut as an actress and is signed to an acting company), it seems that it has been difficult for her to readjust after going through full idol promotions.

When asked how she feels these days now that I.O.I is done, Sohye responded to the interviewer by saying, “This is the hardest question. The concert is already over but it still doesn’t feel real. We have a group chat between the members and we all contact each other frequently. I think when the other members debut or release a song maybe I’ll realize it more. Right now there are a lot of times when I feel depressed. Because the members gave me so much mental [and emotional] support, it’s hard being alone now.”

When asked what she does when she’s feeling gloomy or depressed, Sohye replied, “When I miss the members I video call them. I’m not really the type to keep up on SNS, and there were a lot of times when I got scolded by the members for it. But the fact that we have the group chat is such a relief. I’m also trying to find a hobby right now.”

The interviewer also asked Sohye what her upcoming plans are, to which she answered, “Moving forward I want to steadily act. I still lack a lot and I have little faith. It would be nice to think that I could act to any extent. I have a lot of greed that’s made me keen on acting.”

When asked what type of role she’d like to play, Sohye continued, “I don’t have a detailed role in mind or anything. I just hope I can act naturally. If the time comes that I’m able to act naturally, I think if there were a role I’d want to try, it would be attempting to do a dark character. I’d like to try a role I can throw myself into.”

I.O.I has only been apart for about a month now, and the members have all returned to their home agencies to debut with groups or as solo artists at their respective companies. moonROK will continue to keep you updated on all of the members’ activities, so be sure to stick around for more news on the group.


Source: Herald Pop (2)

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