KARA’s Hara to Host Christmas Special as DJ on DSP Radio

It has just been announced that KARA member Hara will be taking on a new challenge as a DJ.

Hara will be hosting a Christmas special on “DSP Radio,” which will be broadcast through DSP Media‘s official YouTube channel on December 23rd at 7pm KST.

During the broadcast, fans will be able to send in questions that they’ve been curious about, which Hara will answer live.

Hara will also host 30 minutes of the broadcast in Japanese, allowing fans who speak the langauge a chance to ask their questions as well.

One DSP Media representative stated, “Goo Hara recorded the segment very passionately. She made a lot of suggestions for the program and put a lot of her ideas in, showing a smooth progression through each of the changes.”

Again, Hara’s Christmas special will air on December 23 at 7pm KST on DSP’s official YouTube channel, so be sure to tune in and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: 10asia

Image courtesy of DSP Media
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