JYP to Make Moves in America Once Again? J.Y. Park Talks State of the Industry and Upcoming JYP Plans Abroad

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Earlier today, SBS CNBC released an interview with JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park. In the interview, JYP touches on the current state of the Kpop industry and the Hallyu movement, and also alludes to a massive JYP project in America.

JYP has attempted to break into the American market before by promoting Wonder Girls there, but after seeing only marginal success, the group returned to Korea. Now, it looks like JYP may be ready to take a crack at the U.S. market again. Below is the translation of J.Y. Park’s interview with CNBC:

JYP: Currently in the Hallyu movement, Kpop is searching for the next step. As the word implies, Hallyu is like a wave. Just as a wave comes and goes, I’ve thought that of course, Hallyu can go at any time. Just continuously pushing actors, singers, all Hallyu stars abroad won’t make Hallyu last any longer. So, I said, let’s prepare something new.

Interviewer: Isn’t there a possibility you will lose the Korean-ness of it if you fully integrate foreign and Korean talent?

JYP: Of course that’s possible. I think that’s a good thing. You can’t expect that people from other cultures will only like Korean things forever. It’s been this way for a long time, but now it’s time to make an effort to understand other cultures. And by grafting other cultures and Korean culture together, we can give birth to something new.

Interviewer: Do you think that the process of finding and developing talent has become more organic since you first started working in this industry 20 to 30 years ago?

JYP: The biggest reason for Kpop’s success is exactly that. JYP and others like SM and YG have created similar systems and training centers all for the purpose of nurturing young talent. It starts organically, but then we systemize it.

Interviewer: If you had to rate JYP’s performance in the American market so far, how many points would you give?

JYP: Well, wouldn’t the only market that’s nearly impossible to succeed in be the American market?

Interviewer: Why do you think it’s so difficult to succeed in the American market?

JYP: What we create is actually from the American market. Our music and performances are all based on pop, hip-hop, soul, and R&B music. Our system has certainly progressed, but if you look at the core skill of it, the fact is that we are somewhat behind. It takes time to develop the core skills of music, and I want to say that now we’re at a similar level.

Interviewer: Is there any big news we can expect out of JYP Entertainment in the future?

JYP: We are in the midst of preparing something extremely exciting and new.

Interviewer: Please tell us more.

JYP: We are in the middle of preparing a huge project in America. We hope that it will turn out well. Currently it’s about 70-80% complete, and it’s something that I’m very, very excited about.


It certainly seems like JYP is up to something! moonROK will have all the Kpop industry updates you need, so be sure to stick around for more on this as details are released.


Source: SBS CNBC

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  1. daniel yeoh 6 years ago

    Pls don’t bring twice to America…jyp !!!!

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