JYP Drops Fei Solo Teaser Image

Park Jin Young has uploaded a teaser image for miss A member Fei‘s solo debut.

JYP recently revealed that the Chinese miss A member has been recording for her solo album, but there had previously been no announced release date.

Calling her his “fifth muse,” JYP bragged about Fei, stating that her charm is being able to be sexy and warm at the same time. He assures that her new song, titled “Anything Fantasy,” will be able to capture her charm and allow her to showcase all of her talents.

JYP‘s Instagram post read, “Um Jeong Hwa, Park Ji Yoon, Ivy, Sunmi, and now my 5th muse! When producing a female solo artist the most important thing is to reveal her hidden attraction. This artist, her charm is very rare cuz she has the warmth and the sexiness at the same time. Usually girls have one or the other but she has both so the song includes the two sides of her called #AnythingFantasy Coming 19th 0am…”

Fei has gained significant support from fans worldwide for her beauty, personality, and cooking skills through a variety show, and her solo debut is highly anticipated.

Fei’s new song, “Anything Fantasy,” will be revealed at midnight on July 19th, so check out the teaser photo below and stay tuned to MoonROK for more updates!



Source: J.Y. Park’s Instagram

All visual media courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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