JYJ’s Jaejoong to Release New Album in February

It has just been announced that Jaejoong will be making his long-awaited comeback in February of next year.

A representative from the JYJ member’s agency just stated, “It has been confirmed that Kim Jaejoong will release his second full-length album in February 2016.”

Many are curious as to how Jaejoong could possibly be dropping an album in February considering that he is currently serving his mandatory military time in the Korean army.

On that subject, the same rep stated, “The album contains no fewer than 10 tracks. Kim Jaejoong, who will complete his military service this coming March, worked on and recorded these songs in his spare time before entering the military.”

No details have been released yet as to the definite drop date, but moonROK will have all the details for you as they are released so be sure to stay tuned!


Source: Herald Economy

Image courtesy of News1
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