JYJ Set to Make Comeback on July 29 With Second Album “JUST US,” Teacher Images Released

JYJ will make their comeback on July 29 with their Second album JUST US

C-JeS Entertainment announced that “JYJ’s second album will go on sale on July 29; then they will start off their official activity with a showcase, Asia tour, and others.”

According to C-JeS, the album JUST US is comprised of 13 songs, which includes a song that the members participated in writing lyrics and a song in English, produced in an American studio.

This album ties together the three members for the first time in three years since they have been active in dramas, musicals, movies, and solo albums. JYJ said: “We named the album ‘JUST US‘ because we want to reflect our most natural state at the moment. It represents uniquely JYJ music, but also music that we produced with happiness. We want to convey that happiness to the audience.”

Also, JYJ made public their teaser images and a photo of props from their album jacket shooting, with the message: “To celebrate the decision of the album’s sale date, we are releasing the teaser and prop photos to the fans, first and foremost.” 

The teaser photos are the JYJ members’ close-up shots, which accentuate each of their charms–to which the fans around the world, who have been curious about the album, are reacting hotly.

JYJ’s 2nd album “JUST US,” their album after 3 years in 2011, will be unveiled online and offline on July 29. 


Source: Sports Dongah

Images courtesy of CJeS Entertainmnet
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  1. PeaceofMind05 8 years ago
    I have no idea what concept they’re going for with these teaser pictures but I’m anticipating it nonetheless.

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