J.Tune Camp Makes Official Statement Regarding Lee Joon’s Departure from MBLAQ and Future of the Group

J.Tune Camp has just made a statement regarding the reports of Lee Joon’s departure from the group MBLAQ.

The J.Tune representative stated, “It has not been decided if MBLAQ will be dismantled with Lee Joon’s departure. We are currently in the midst of discussing it.”

The representative continued to state, “The plan is for Lee Joon to participate in all of the scheduled activities up to the end of November, including the MBLAQ concert. With the utmost consideration and respect for the opinions of the remaining members of MBLAQ, we will come to an official position together.”

The J.Tune Camp representative concluded the statement by saying, “We will of course try our best for the sake of MBLAQ.”


Below is the full official statement released by J.Tune Camp:

Hello, this is J.Tune Camp.

We are writing to make an official statement in regard to today’s reports of Lee Joon leaving MBLAQ and the group dismantling.

While it is true that Lee Joon’s exclusive contract has expired, it has not yet been decided if Lee Joon will be leaving the group, and we are currently in the midst of discussing the issue.

Furthermore, Lee Joon is scheduled to take part in all of MBLAQ’s official activities until the end of November, including the MBLAQ concert.

As for Lee Joon’s future activities as an entertainer, [Lee Joon] is currently discussing his plans and goals with headquarters, and an official decision will be made together by the members and the company with the utmost consideration and respect to [Lee Joon’s] and the remaining MBLAQ members’ opinions. The company will of course try its best for the sake of MBLAQ.

In the near future we will make an official statement on the final decision.

Please continue to give your unwavering love and care for MBLAQ. 


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of J.Tune Camp
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