Jiyoung to Make Her Japanese Acting Debut in October

It has just been announced that former KARA member Jiyoung will be making her Japanese acting debut with the drama, “Hell Teacher Nube.”

According to a Japanese media outlet, Jiyoung was recently confirmed for the drama, which is set to air in October.

Jiyoung herself stated, “Since I’ve had interest in Japanese ghost stories since I was young, it was really fun reading the original work. I think that there’s something about Yukime’s determination as she’s starting out that is similar to mine.

Jiyoung continued, “I will work hard for the character of Yukime to receive a lot of love, not just from fans who already know her but from those who don’t as well.”

“Hell Teacher Nube” is a comedy in which the teachers at a school must fight off monsters and demons to protect the students.

Again, the drama will air in October, so make sure to tune in then!


Source: OSEN 

Image courtesy of OSEN
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