Jiyoon of 4minute to Collaborate with Rock Band DickPunks on Upcoming Album

It has just been revealed that 4minute‘s Jiyoon will be trying her hand in a new genre – rock.

On July 4, DickPunks’ agency TNC Music announced that on the 11th the band will release a collaboration album with Jiyoon of 4minute.

It was also reported that despite her busy schedule and Jiyoon had a heavy hand in the making of the rap parts, rap melodies, and the overall visualization and creation of the album.

The collaboration seems especially fitting considering DickPunks performed a unique arrangement of 4minute’s song “MUZIK” on popular television audition program SuperstarK4.

A representative from DickPunks’ agency stated: “For their first ever collaboration, the musical style will be totally different from anything DickPunks has done in the past,” and continued, “Anticipation will be high for this perfect harmonization between 4minute’s Jiyoon and DickPunks.”


Source: Star News

Images courtesy of Star News
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