Jessica Signs Recording Contract with Tyler Kwon’s Company, Coridel Entertainment

It was bound to happen eventually.

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica has officially signed with Tyler Kwon‘s entertainment company, Coridel Entertainment.

Last year, we reported that Tyler Kwon acquired a majority stake in Clear Company, the entertainment agency home to rookie group Playback.

Many projected that the acquisition of Clear Company by Kwon’s Coridel Group (the investment fund backing Coridel Entertainment) marked Jessica’s potential return to the music industry, considering her link with Tyler Kwon.

Well, it’s official now. Coridel Entertainment made a statement to the Korean press this weekend with the following to say about Jessica’s newly minted contract: “We plan to develop into an international entertainment company with connections to and partnerships with foreign markets with our business know-how and influence over global markets. Furthermore, we will provide full support not only for Jessica’s solo activities, but also for her fashion company.”

No word yet on when Jessica will be dropping her album, but we have a few reasons to think it will be relatively soon, so be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on her big comeback.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of Blanc & Eclare
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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    Not going to lie. I’m curious about her upcoming album.

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