Jessica Offers Her Personal Condolences to Lee Soo Man on the Passing of His Wife

Jessica has just updated her personal Weibo for the first time since everything that transpired between her and SM Entertainment last week.

In her post, Jessica offers her sincere condolences to who we can only assume is Lee Soo Man, founder and former CEO of SM Entertainment.

It was recently reported that Lee Soo Man’s wife passed away due to intestinal cancer, and multiple SM artists have been taking turns offering words of encouragement and compassion to him.

Jessica has just now published her own words of consolation to Lee Soo Man, her Weibo post reading:

“I was so suprised at the sudden news, my heart hurts… Please accept my deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you – she will be greatly missed.”

It is not for certain that Jessica’s post is in reference to Lee Soo Man’s wife’s passing, but considering current circumstances, it seems likely.


Source: Jessica’s Weibo

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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