Jessi to Release Debut Solo Single on April 24

It has just been announced that “Unpretty Rapstar” contestant Jessi will be releasing her debut solo single on April 24.

Jessi is one third of Lucky J, but this will be her first solo release.

On April 22, Jessi’s agency stated, “Jessi is releasing her single ‘I Want to Be’ at midnight on April 24.”

In the teaser photo for the single (above), Jessi sheds her “strong unnie” image for a softer, more vulnerable one.

“I Want to Be” is a song that Jessi wrote two years ago about the hard times she was facing.

Jessi will be doing her debut performance of the song at the “Unpretty Rapstar” concert on April 25.


Source: Korean Herald

Image courtesy of Korea Herald
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