Jang Hyunseung Re-signs with CUBE Entertainment

Hyunseung | moonROK
Hyunseung | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of CUBE Entertainment


Former Beast member Jang Hyunseung has just renewed his contract with CUBE Entertainment, his agency for the last seven years.

On the 13th, a source confirmed that Jang Hyunseung had re-signed his contract with cube and would be releasing a winter carol song on the 16th, for which he plans to do promotions. Hyunseung’s contract ended mid-October, and he and CUBE Entertainment discussed the terms of his new solo contract before finally agreeing to re-sign.

With the 16th just a few days ahead, stay tuned to moonROK as teasers are sure to come out soon for Hyunseung’s new track and all your other Kpop favorites!


Source: TVDaily

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