IU Frankly Admits to Past Eating Disorder, Worrying About Fame, and More On “Healing Camp”

IU, who is known by the public as a tenacious spirit, or as the “nation’s little sister,” is actually a young adult who grew amidst pain, according to the sentiments she recently revealed.

On July 14, IU appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp” along with Akdong Musician and Kim Changwan as guests. She appeared on the talk show as a “senior” who could give sound advice to Akdong Musician and as a mature “junior” in front of Kim Changwan. 

IU’s frankness was particularly interesting to viewers as she unabashedly revealed her worries about popularity and fame, and her stress-induced bulimia.

IU calmly recalled her first album as she said, “No trainee thinks that he or she will fail upon debut. I thought that the world would flip when I debuted, but there was not even a slight movement, much less a big sensation.” She continued: “I thought, I’m dust, I’m really nothing,” and laughed as she added, “I danced and wore cheerful outfits beginning with the second album. The situation gradually got better, and ‘Good Day’ succeeded.” 

However, even the success of “Good Day” did not make IU happy. She said “There was a constant nervousness, like someone would say you’re evicted, like I had unopened suitcases by the door,” surprising everyone. She underestimated her value by saying “It seems that I developed a skill to fool people convincingly the 6 years after debut … Rewards have been most generous in proportion to the amount of effort and passion.” These sentiments would not have come if she started off as a star.   

IU’s confession about bulimia was quite a shock. She said: “I had bulimia… My weight decreased infinitely as I started to hate myself. I would be lethargic, and only eat and sleep.” IU continued to state that that time of her life felt empty. She talked about going through treatment for bulimia: “My insides felt hollow, so I filled it with food.” 

However, even through her hardships, IU succeeded as an artist. She is now in the position in which she can provide genuine advice to Akdong Musician.

IU advised Akdong Musician to “speak your own mind without without cease.” She said, “When I released my first album, the company said ‘why does a child have so many opinions?’ Looking back, I think I did the correct thing.” She continued: “Since I speak for myself, my opinions are respected. I hope even younger people can at least say ‘yes’ or ‘no,'” providing the duo a certain wisdom that can only come from experienced minds.

IU demonstrated her confidence and candidness through the conversation on “Healing Camp.” She was mature for her age, and behind that maturity were tribulations that she has endured since her teens.  

“Healing Camp” aired on July 14 and featured Kim Changwan, IU, and Akdong Musician, and continued into “Healing Music Camp Part 2.”


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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