IU Confirms April Comeback and March Pre-Release Track

IU | moonROK

Image courtesy of Loen-Fave Entertainment


IU has officially confirmed that she will be releasing her fourth full album on April 21st.

Her label, Loen-Fave Entertainment, stated, ” IU will be releasing her fourth full length album on April 21 and finally be reunited with fans of her music. We will also be pre-releasing two tracks from the album on March 24th and April 7th.

It’s been a year and a half since IU released her fourth mini album, Chatshire. IU hopes to show another side of herself as an artist with this album, and personally took part in the producing and other songwriting aspects of the album.

IU will be releasing her first pre-release song later this week, and the five-week countdown of music and video teasers leading up to the full album release will begin soon after that.

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Source: StarNews

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