IU, Akdong Musician, and Kim Changwan to Collaborate on July 7 Episode of ‘Healing Camp’

It has just been announced that IU, Akdong Musician, and host Kim Changwan will all perform together on the July 7 episode of popular SBS show “Healing Camp.”

This is the first time that this combination of musicians has ever performed together, and the collaboration is sure to be unique and impressive.

At the pre-recording, the musicians who span three different generations exhibited immense enthusiasm and put forth a fantastic collaborative effort together.

Additionally, IU recently released an album of covers/remakes, including Kim Changwan’s song “Your Meaning.” When they all sang the song together, IU, Kim Changwan, and Akdong Musician received massive applause after breathing new life into the tune.

According to the producers of “Healing Camp,” despite this being the first time that this team of three met, the atmosphere was extremely friendly and they completed the recording perfectly.

This “legendary” collaboration between IU, Akdong Musician, and Kim Changwan will air on July 7 at 11:00pm KST on SBS, so make sure you catch the episode of “Healing Camp” if possible!


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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