IU Accused of Sampling Britney Spears without Permission, Loen Apologizes

On the afternoon of November 3 (KST), reports surfaced in the Korean media accusing IU of plagiarization.

The accusations stem from an exceptionally perceptive Britney Spears fan, who found some similarities between the American pop star’s song “Gimme More” and IU’s bonus track, “23”, on her new album.

IU’s track seems to use vocal samples from Britney’s song, and apparently, Loen Entertainment is aware of the issue.

A few hours ago the company stated, “Because the creator [of the song] is unsure whether the voice sample [is Britney’s], we’ve contacted Britney Spears’ agency to check into the truth of whose voice it is.”

The agency representative continued, “Honestly, after the check has been completed we plan to get clearance for the sample as fast as humanly possible. We apologize for the fact that we were not able to look into these minute details in the album creation process, and for causing the fans anxiety.”

Lastly, Loen stated, “We would like to say thank you and we are sorry to the Britney Spears fan who brought this problem to our attention.”

While the results of the investigation are still pending, check out IU’s song “23” and Britney’s song “Gimme More” below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite K-pop artists and idols.



Source: Herald Economy

All visual and audio media courtesy of Herald Economy, Loen Entertainment, and Britney Spears
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