Iron To Make Comeback on the 9th, Apologizes for Absence

On the 5th, Iron uploaded a teaser image to his Instagram announcing his comeback on the 9th.

The image announces Iron’s first album title Rock Bottom and a release date of September 9th. Iron has been lying low since his marijuana scandal broke in April.

His teaser image also included a lengthy caption, saying,

Hello, this is Iron. Have you been well…? Thank you so much for waiting for me all this time…. Actually I’ve been feeling very guilty towards the fans…. I’m sorry for treating the case like a joke.

When I was an amateur doing Show Me The Money, I gained fame, released only one song, went quiet for a year, then smoked weed… then once again I released only one song, “System”…I wanted to ask my fans for forgiveness first, but instead of giving excuses and explaining myself, I wanted to speak through my music. Please forgive me.

The fame I gained after the show. And the makeup, clothes and hairstyling I didn’t want to do, and the fake smiles I smiled, were all because I wanted to make money; I pretended to be a good person. And the unfortunate events that happened afterwards are all my fault and I will receive my punishment willingfully.

Since then, I have cut myself off from everything else. And because of my belief that all I have to show is my music, I am continuously writing lyrics and rapping. I spent already a one year trying to go back to when I first learned to rap properly aloud and enjoyed it, and during this year I have been trying to improve myself as if I were starting all over again. And now I am finally releasing my first album.

Thanks to everyone’s support, after all this time I was able to go back to where I had started. And because I was able to come all this way, from now on, through my music and life, I will repay all of your kindness. Thank you for liking such a bad guy.

September 5, 2016

-Jeong Heoncheol


Check out the photo teaser below and stay tuned to moonROK for the album release!



Source: Asia Economics

Visual media courtesy of Polaris Entertainment
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