IOI Cheers on Chaeyeon’s DIA Comeback

With the conclusion of the popular TV program “Produce 101,” many have been left wondering what will happen to the members of IOI now that they’ve debuted with Mnet but remain tied to their own labels.

It was recently announced that IOI member Jung Chaeyeon will be promoting with her original group DIA, and if you think that the rest of IOI has qualms about it, think again.

On June 9th, the girls of IOI showed their support for Chaeyeon via a video posted to Naver TV Cast by MBK Entertainment.

In the video, the members of IOI state, “Chaeyeon is having hardship because she has to prepare for both teams at the same time. We are also highly anticipating DIA’s comeback.”

The group also excitedly announced that DIA’s new track would be awesome and asked fans to look forward to Chaeyeon’s cool image. At the same time, they also expressed the hope htat fans could cheer on for both teams. 

Chaeyeon will be joining DIA, with new additional member Eun Chae, for a comeback on the 14th this month. 

IOI just recently wrapped up their first full promotion, and moving forward the girls will meet their fans through sub-unit or individual activities.


Source: Herald Pop

Image courtesy of Naver TV
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