INTERVIEW: moonROK x SS501’s Park Jungmin

At just 27 years old, Park Jungmin has spent more than half of his life in the Korean entertainment industry. Scouted by both SM Entertainment and DSP Media at the ripe age of 13, Park eventually chose to sign with DSP and debuted as one fifth of SS501 in 2005.

As a part of SS501, Park Jungmin released one full album and eight mini albums over the course of five years, earning more than twenty major Korean music awards with the group. When the group’s contract with DSP ended in 2010, Park signed with a new management company and continued to pursue his career in entertainment, taking on roles as a musical actor, playing parts in multiple dramas, and releasing three (soon to be four) mini albums in Korea and five in Japan. 

Park Jungmin has spent some time traveling the world to meet his fans, and now, he is ready to once again release some new material in Korean. Park was in New York City this past month filming not one, but two new music videos, and moonROK co-founder and editor-in-chief Hannah Waitt caught up with him to talk about SS501, K-pop’s global appeal, and what it’s like to work as a solo artist after being in a group. Check out moonROK’s exclusive interview with Park Jungmin below.


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