Debuting as a K-pop singer in this day and age is a terrifying prospect. It seems like every other day a new act is coming out with better dance moves and catchier songs than the last group. Despite knowing he’s entering an over-saturated market, Park Jeesu is full of confidence, and with good reason. With a voice somewhere between that of Adam Levine’s and Prince’s, Jeesu has a glossy falsetto that is both powerful and yet as sugary as his new moniker, KIXS (pronounced “Kiss”).

Though KIXS repeatedly referred to himself as a “rookie,” the fact is that he isn’t. He debuted in 2010 as a member of the group Dalmatian (later changed to DMTN), and enjoyed a decent level of success with the group until they disbanded in 2013 due to a highly publicized drug scandal involving another member of the group.

Jeesu’s rebirth as KIXS seems even more courageous considering the turbulent nature of his group activities. However, with Kim Taewoo as a close mentor and producer, KIXS is being taught by an artist who knows a thing or two — to say the least — about finding solo success after promoting with a group. KIXS released his funk-filled debut solo single, “Beautiful” on February 10, and will kick off his official activities as a solo artist this week. moonROK editor-in-chief Hannah Waitt paid KIXS a visit while she was in Seoul last month to talk to him about his musical inspirations, the creation of his new single, and his solo debut; check it out below.



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