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Before there was Infinite, before there was Big Bang, and even before there was DBSK or Seo Taiji, there was Clon. Comprised of Koo Joon Yup and Kang Wonrae, the duo was one of the first idol groups to exist, and one of the first pair of artists to introduce modern pop music to Korea. Having previously worked with Hyun Jinyoung, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man’s first artist, the duo eventually broke off and started their own group and immediately found success with their debut album, “Are You Ready?” Clon was known for their upbeat dance tracks, and equally exciting dance moves.

The duo did well for themselves commercially until a tragic motorcycle accident left member Kang Wonrae paralyzed from the waist down. Unable to continue promoting as a dance group, Clon disbanded, the two members sadly parting professionally. Despite their short career as a group, Clon had a profound impact on the Korean music industry, from music style to choreography to fashion.

Though Clon disbanded as a duo, member Koo Joon Yup was not ready to give up on music — it had become his passion, his labor of love, and his self-described “meaning of life.” Having spent his career in the music industry as an idol that danced and sang to upbeat dance music, Koo Jun Yup found a natural allure to clubs; there he could hear the music he loved and feel a certain synergy with the crowd as everyone danced to the beats that he was so familiar with. It was in this setting that Koo Jun Yup decided to make his transition to DJ Koo.

Shortly after his decision to pursue DJing, DJ Koo quickly rose to the top of the club scene in Seoul. With his intimate knowledge of K-pop and constant curiosity for foreign music, he rapidly became one of the most renowned DJs in Seoul. Since, DJ Koo has worked with countless K-pop artists, mixing and mashing their songs with EDM, dance music, dubstep, and hip-hop to create a truly globalized genre unlike any other in existence. He has played at World DJ Festival, UMF Seoul, and UMF Miami, the biggest DJ festival in the world.

As one of Korea’s top DJs, DJ Koo has traveled the world for the sole purpose of making people dance. He has worked with the best of the best in K-pop and is a living K-pop legend himself.

moonROK founder and editor-in-chief Hannah Waitt sat down with DJ Koo before his Halloween show to talk about his music, K-pop, and his three-day festival gig in New York City.



We have a ton of interview exclusives like these coming up in the very near future, so be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more awesome content like this!

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