Infinite Releases Making-Of Video for ‘1.2.3 Showcase’

On July 21st, Infinite released an official making-of video for their “1.2.3 Showcase,” but that’s not all – for every 100,000 times that fans watch the music video for Infinite’s most recent single, “Last Romeo,” Infinite will add another minute onto their making-of video for their “1.2.3 Showcase.” 

According to the official YouTube channel, the making-of video has ten more minutes worth of footage that fans can add onto the already 8-minute-long video, meaning Infinite is looking for another 1 million views on the “Last Romeo” video. Check out the making-of video for Infinite’s “1.2.3 Showcase” below, and get to watching “Last Romeo” if you want to unveil the rest of the making-of footage!



Source: Infinite Official YouTube

All visual and audio media courtesy of Woollim Entertainment
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