I.O.I to Release Ballad Tonight as Final Group Single

IOI | moonROK
Image courtesy of YMC Entertainment

Sadly, I.O.I’s time together is quickly coming to an end.

As the group rounds out their year of promotions together, they will be releasing one final single entitled “Showers.”

The group just has just confirmed that the single will be released at midnight KST tonight, and that the single was one that was chosen directly by the members themselves.

According to the official press release, “Showers” will be I.O.I’s first and only ballad track with a sad melody. Though it has a sad melody the message of the song is a hopeful one, with the lyrics of the song comparing the sudden shower of rain with all of the sad feelings one experiences after a breakup, but also expressing the bright hope of meeting again once the rain clears and the sun shines through.

The song was gifted to I.O.I by a songwriting team consisting of Seventeen’s Woozi, BrandNew Music producers Won Youngheon and Neighborhood Hyung, and Yama Art.

“Showers” drops at midnight KST tonight, so be sure to stick around moonROK for I.O.I’s final release.


Source: OSEN

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