I.O.I Members’ Plans Post Break-Up

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I.O.I was arguably one of the hottest topics in Kpop for 2016, but now their time as a single group is drawing to a close and each member is preparing to go back to their own company once I.O.I has finished. After their final concert this month is over and the group officially disbands, four girls will be returning to their own groups, and seven will begin new projects.

On the 20th to the 22nd of this month, I.O.I will be holding their farewell concert, “Time Slip – I.O.I.”

Jeon Somi has already signed a contract with JYP Entertainment and is preparing for promotions post-I.O.I. Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon have signed contracts with Fantagio and are preparing for debut. Nayoung and Pinky will return to their group Pledis Girlz and begin promotions mid-January, Sohye will be making her acting debut, and Chungha will debuting as a solo singer.

As for the members who are already in groups, Sejeong and Mina will be returning to Gugudan, Yeonjung will be returning to WJSN, and Chaeyeon will return to Dia.

All 11 members are sure to continue showing us new and great images of themselves even after leaving I.O.I, and we here at moonROK wish them the best of luck! Stick around as we follow them and all your other favorite Kpop artists right here on moonROK.



Source: OSEN

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