Hyuna Brushes Off Question About Whether She’s Dating Hyunseung

With 4MINUTE‘s comeback just now kicking into full swing, the group is making more and more appearances on talk shows.

On one such recent appearance, member Hyuna was asked point-blank about her relationship with BEAST member Hyunseung.

When Hyuna appeared on the show, the host of the show ‘Wishing Star’ asked her, “Ever since Trouble Maker came out, I’ve been curious: what is the nature of your relationship with your duet partner Jang Hyunseung?” The host continued, “If you just look at Trouble Maker, you think, ‘If it’s to this degree it’s 100%.’ There’s no male-female team like this, and the performance itself has so much skinship.”

Hyuna brushed off the question saying, “To be honest…well… It doesn’t seem like there’s exactly anything to answer here.”

Though the answer is somewhat vague, it would seem that Hyuna has put the issue to rest. 

Check out the screen caps from the show below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on 4MINUTE as well as your other favorite idols and artists.


Source: TopStar News

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