Hyukoh Aiming to Release Full-Length Album this Spring

Hyukoh | moonROK
Image courtesy of Vogue Korea

Korea’s favorite indie band Hyukoh is preparing to release their first ever full-length album.

The group has just announced that they are in the midst of putting together the album with the goal of releasing it this spring.

A representative from Hyukoh’s entertainment agency told the media today, “Hyukoh is preparing something new with the goal of releasing it this spring. It will be Hyukoh’s first full-length album to be released since their debut.”

This will be the band’s first comeback in nearly 2 years, which was when they gained widespread fame in Korea for their addictive songs “Wi Ing Wi Ing” and “Comes and Goes.”

Hyukoh hasn’t given an exact date for the release of the group’s first full-length album yet, but moonROK will have all the details as they are made available, so be sure to stick around for updates.


Source: Xports News

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