G.Soul Talks About JYP, Training for 15 Years, and Debut Album in Interview

Earlier today, eNews conducted an interview with JYP’s newest artist, G.Soul. Below is the translation of that interview.


“15 years of waiting? Ultimately, it was my choice.”

New singer G.Soul has just joined the music world with his mini album “Coming Home.” He has been a JYP Entertainment trainee for 15 years. This is truly a debut after a long bumpy ride. There were reactions that the pressure of 15 years was too harsh, “even if it was at JYP.”

G.Soul stated, “The waiting, and the long period of being a trainee was ultimately my own will. It was only now that I thought it was time.” Then what was the reason for him having to prepare for this long?

What was G.Soul like in person? Intense. He had a small build, but you could see the passion and energy for music in his eyes and speech. The word “artist” gets thrown around a lot these days, but his songs, thought process, and musical talent came closest to the original meaning of the word. Park Jin Young himself said he “doubted his ears” after listening to G.Soul’s music, and that was not an overstatement.

G.Soul stated, “Park Jin Young is not someone who gives out compliments easily. Until now, he has never given me a compliment. To hear praise from someone like that was especially surprising. I simply told the story that I wanted to tell in a genuine way. I wanted to write a song that you can listen to and feel even if you don’t know the lyrics. That is all.”

In light of G.Soul’s debut, there has been much misleading talk about him being a “15 year trainee.” His trainee process was different from that of the normal trainee who lives with other trainees only focusing on singing and dancing. G.Soul went to America to learn music, also studying psychology and art. The years in America were not some vague and indefinite waiting, but a chance to understand the frame and theory of music.

G.Soul stated, “I don’t completely know the meaning of the word ‘trainee.’ I’ve performed in concerts and prepared to become a good artist. Many people think that I wrapped up my life in America and came back to Korea, but that is not true. I am currently working on a album project with staff and colleagues from America. I’m planning on working in both Korea and America.”


Q. This debut has been a long time coming. You must be feeling very different.

A. “I feel good. I’m ecstatic and thankful.”


Q. It’s been a big issue around you being a JYP trainee for 15 years. I’m curious whether it was out of your own will or someone else’s.

A. “There are so many reasons for why I could not or have not debuted until now. I just believed that the time would come. I was confident I could start my career. There has been much talk about the long time I took, but I’m thankful that I could take the time needed and prepare.”


Q. Tell us about your album “Coming Home”

A. “I wanted to be an artist that wasn’t restricted by a single genre. I put in songs with very diverse moods. It’s an album that pursues various genres with a foundation of R&B soul.”


Q. How was living in America?

A. “I sang as background vocal and at open bars, making a lot of connections. I also sang in a chorus. Meanwhile I would write songs and generally spend my days with music.”


Q. Wasn’t it lonely?

A. “Well…I think it was well suited with my personality. I enjoy being alone. I’m not hasty or short-tempered so I think I endured well.”


Q. You alone stayed when JYP pulled out from the American market. I heard this was your own decision.

A. “It happened naturally. I was offered a leading role in the 2011 drama “Dream High,” but I declined. I thought that I wasn’t ready. When I look back on it now, I think I made the right decision. The drama was a commercial success and I could have earned a lot of money, but I thought that I had areas that I needed to prepare for as an artist. I have no regrets.”


Q. How has studying in America impacted the music of G.Soul?

A. “It was immensely influential. The biggest influential idea was to make music that anyone could understand. I learned, and I believe, that if you are genuine and honest, music can transcend language, race and conditions, and everyone can understand.  This album was written in Korean, but I tried my best to capture the feeling even if you don’t know what the lyrics are saying.”


Q. You have prepared for 15 years. Why now?

A. “Feeling. That is honestly the truth. I just felt like I can grow as a new singer at this point. People keep saying 15 years, 15 years, but the length of time is not important. The preparation as an artist was more important for me.”


Q. I hear that Sunmi, Jo Kwon, and Min were trainees with you at the same time. Weren’t you jealous of their glamorous success after their debut?

A. “They are my old friends who joined JYP at the same time as I did. I really liked their success and glamorous debut. I often searched online to see how they were doing. They were like family to me, and they were friends who worked very hard. I was very happy for them. Was I jealous? Well…I’ve never felt jealous, not even for a second. My life is my life. (laughs).”


Q. This is a debut after 15 years. I feel like you have a definite purpose.

A. “I don’t have a detailed plan, but I want to do music overseas. I not only want to go to Korea, but also America,  Japan, the Arab nations. I want to become an artist who travels the world, freely creates music and performs. If I had such an opportunity, I would be more than thankful.”


Q. Don’t you want to rank high in music charts or have a glamorous debut stage?

A. “I think people around me are more concerned with rank or sales. I simply want to do music with a joyful heart. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t feel any pressure. But I think that the priority is to let those who have been waiting for me and also for those who will be encountering my sound for the first time to actually listen to my music. I will do my best. Stay tuned.”


Source: eNews

Image courtesy of eNews
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