What Made You Become a Fan of F(x)?

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    If the topic was a bit confusing, I’ll show an example of what I mean by it.
    It was around their late RumPumPumPum Era and Pre-Redlight Era(2014). One of my good friends at the time told me about kpop, and how there was an actress(Sulli) that was apart of this group. At the time I also really liked the k-drama Sulli was in(To the Beautiful You). That was the part where I was fully aware of F(x), then I remember learning Krystal’s part in RumPumPumPum. The point that really made me a fan was their music from both of the Red Light and Pink Tape albums. Once I heard Red Light,from then on I was hooked on F(x). I really liked Red Light due to the chorus part where they have harmonies, I also loved the outfits, and the dance moves were lit. I also really liked the meaning for Red Light. To summarize I just loved everything about F(x). My bias at first was Krystal, but then it constantly changed around since they are all so talented and cool. Currently my bias right now is Luna because of her amaze solo debut.
    Your response doesn’t have to be similar to mine but you are recommended to show how you found out about F(x) and why you became a fan.

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    To be completely honest, my first major fandom was the sone fandom. So when I found out about Jessica being the sister of Krystal I got super excited (This is was all in late 2011 to 2012 because that is when I first got into kpop). So I first watched danger and that totally was a jam. Then I watched hot summer and I have been trapped into this world of awesomeness ever since.

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    i was captivated by amber in the lachata MV because i looove tomboy girls x) but then i got to know the whole group and fell in love with their unique style and lovely personalities <3 and they’ve been my #1 since then! <3

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    My first ever KPOP music video was Super Junior M’s “Super Girl”. I didn’t think much of it but then Girls’ Generation dropped “Gee” soon after and I was hooked 🙂
    I started checking out every single SM group after finding out SNSD and Suju were from the same company, and f(x) had just debuted then… They were sort of the first group I had been there for since their debut.
    Then, Victoria’s stint on We Got Married dropped and I was officially hooked. Fell in love with her and all the other members (I’m actually one of those infamous Krystal fangirls).
    So all in all, I’d have to say Khuntoria really had me trying to find every f(x) related thing ever. It’s been hard years being an f(x) fan… after all, we just got a fandom name not too long ago. But I’m so proud of MeU’s (remember when we were aff(x)tions?) for sticking with the girls till the end 🙂
    And that is my f(x) fan story LOL

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    I knew about f(x) when I joined the K-pop fandom,but I didn’t become an actual fan until 2013. After Kcon 2013, I became a a fan of their music. That and I was captivated by them because of their indvidual talents: Luna with her vocals,Amber with her music and her extroverted personality, Krystal’s vocals/acting, Victoria’s vocals/acting, and Sulli’s acting/vocals.

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