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    If you work at your home a lot or have a computer for every member in the family than it would aid to have a wireless router. These will give you the power to connect each computer in the house instantly to the net. You will even be able to utilize it to print out documents from anywhere in your home without being directly linked to the printer.

    When setting up the router you must be careful with how you do it. First you should pick out a model that will work well in your place. How many computers will you be connecting and how strong do you want it to be? Compare the different units on the market and be sure to get something that will meet your specifications.

    During the installment process you want to hook it directly to the modem. Use the right Ethernet cable that will give you a strong link. Once each of the lights are on you can move to connecting your computers to the router.

    The only way that you are able to do this is if each desktop or laptop is utilizing a wireless card. If not than you need to buy it and have it installed. This might be challenging so have a professional do it for you.

    When that is completed you will follow the prompts to linking your computer. This is not a tricky process to have done. Be sure that during the wireless router installation you put in the needed security measures. This will keep people around you from attempting to connect through your machine and slowing the connection down in such a short time period.

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